22 October 2004

Different Kind of Gaming: Evil Genius

Evil Genius is a computer game in which you are - in essence- a Bond villain, trying to achieve world domination from your evil lair on an uninhabited island.

It is brilliant.

The gameplay is good, challenging but never too hard (and with some nice systems that allow you to recover from mistakes) but the thing that Elixir Studios have done best is the humour. The animations for your minions as they do their jobs around the base, the evil missions you send them on to gain notoriety in the world ("club some baby seals" is one), the traps you build to catch agents investigating your base, they're all hilarious. Hell, I sat and watched the animation in the background of the save game screen for five minutes, it is so funny (it's some guys in scuba gear doing synchronized swimming to the jazzy background music).

Very much from the Sean Connery-era James Bond or Austin Powers sort of spy film, but done just perfect. I recommend it.


Make Tea Not War said...

Hmmm...I think it would be a mistake to stay up extremely late every night playing this game.

Also- remember i comes before e except after c (achiEve) I know you value correctness in all things.


The Gamester At Large said...

Bah! The world won't dominate itself, you know.