23 April 2005

Carnivale - First Episode Review

Well, they just began showing this in New Zealand at 11.30pm on Friday nights. Obviously two years late and an extremely inconvenient hour, as it was great.

It's hard to sum up - basically, a guy on the run gets taken in by carnies crossing the dustbowl. However, the show begins with the idea that this was the last few years that magic existed in the world, and we soon see that at least some of the carnies can do magic.

All the acting was good, the characters look like their stories will be interesting and there were some stunning visions and magical effects. Not stunning because they had sparkly special effects, but because they captured something meaningful. Hard to explain, especially as the main example I'd mention is rather a big spoiler. Oh well.

If you're one of my local readers, make sure you are watching this program.


Luke said...

Carnivale is indeed tremendous despite the late time. Along with Deadwood, this series shows that great shows are being made in the US but are not recognised as such by the networks in NZ.

The Gamester At Large said...

Yep, number two was good as well. Builds things up nicely.

And the NZ networks really are annoying. I particularly dislike the habit of, when they do show something good, chopping and changing the time slot at random. Arg!