03 June 2005

New Addiction

After much evangelism from work buddies, I finally caved and bought World of Warcraft this week. I'd previously avoided such games due to two main factors:
1. I don't like the idea of paying a monthly fee for a game I already bought.
2. It's going to be full of intarweb morons.

Now, the main thing that changed my mind was that so many people I know are already playing it, so I can meet up with them in game and that's much better than trusting to random people. But I've also been pretty bored with computer games recently and thought I'd try what is pretty much the only big game type I haven't played before.

So, how is it? Gameplay is much as expected. Addictive, but still quests aren't super varied. That said, I've seen a few really cool variations on the basic 'collect this' or 'take that to him' quest. And there's hints of a big overarching story or two going on. Overall, a very good game that plays pretty much exactly as you expect.

Also, seems low on morons. That might just be because I play in the middle of the night, USA time of course.

Oh yeah, anyone wants to say hi in game, I'm playing a troll called Xugarr on the Khadgar server.

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