20 June 2006

Night Watch

IMBD link: Night Watch

Really cool urban fantasy horror film. It's from some dudes in Russia and is going to be the first of three. Takes a bunch of fairly overused ideas (vampires, for one) and builds it's own mythology that's familiar enough to follow but also has some nice original ideas. It also rests pretty clearly on people just making choices, too. There's light and dark 'others' - that is, magicians and shapeshifters and vampires and things. However, the light and dark ones didn't really seem all that different insofar as they were all just people. It just happens that some of them have nasty magic powers and some of them have nicer ones.

It felt like what the Hellboy film should have been. Gritty, messy magic heroes fighting the good fight against messy, nasty magic bad guys. The action scenes were intense and exciting, although sometimes perhaps a little frenetic.

Well worth a watch.
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