08 November 2006

Actual Play Report: OctaNe

Well, we played OctaNe the other night. It worked pretty much as well as it looked like it would.

It played out as a pseudo-Sergio Leone post apocalyptic western as our heroes - a High Plains Drifter, an Ultra-vixen, a Rock and Roll Witch and a Fast Food Ninja all chased a mcguffin around, trying to prevent it falling into the hands of Big Liz the gila monster queen and her army of midgets. A few memorable extras turned up, such as an alien sheriff and Satan. There was also a nice sequence where the mcguffin turned a lazy old dog into a cyborg laser-eyeball death beast, luckily hit with a nullifier ray before it destroyed the Earth.

Comedy delivered: check.
Preperation needed - zero: check.

I recommend this game. At least for psychotronic film fans.


Jason Pollock said...

So, ultra-vixen.... I wonder who that was?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it. I felt it was a nice buildup to 24hrs of bgrade madness tonight. And I blame too much Russ Meyer (or John Mayer, hee hee). Gameplay was good, fun, and flowed along nicely.
Smoochies, B.