01 January 2007

Dead Beat by Jim Butcher

I have heard a few good things about this series, The Dresden Files, especially with a scifi channel series based on them coming up. So I picked up this one the other day.

The books deal with Harry Dresden, a wizard and sort of private investigator in Chicago. It's a lot of fun, with a good action packed story and some interesting characters. At first I was a little sceptical, as some of the introductory chapters are a little cutesy and filled to the brim with people and baggage from the previous books in the series (this is number seven or so). All this becomes pretty much irrelevant once the action starts, as it's a good mystery and lots of exciting magical fight scenes.

Recommended. And I shall be seeking out the rest of the series, too.


Mack said...

I think you'll really enjoy it, it's one of my favorites series. It looks like the show will do it justice as well, from the commercials I've seen it looks great. I like how subtle the special effects are for his magic.


The Gamester At Large said...

Thanks for that link - I hadn't thought of looking for teasers on youtube. They look really good.

Luke said...

I just finished the first three books in anticipation of Evil Hat's Dresden Files RPG coming out this year. I have found myself becoming a fan of the books alone. Great stuff!