07 March 2007

The Final Committee for the Exploration of Mysteries Session

We finished off our expedition in this week's session.

High points included:
  • The discovery that the schwimwagen was in fact a flugschwimwagen (it had a deployable hot air balloon).
  • Dinosaurs.
  • Zombie dinosaurs.
  • Ancient engravings of a sordid nature being set aside for detailed study, later, alone.
  • People falling into traps with long slides leading to (variously) a tyrannosaurus pit, the death-cult's prison and the temple's ritual chamber.
  • Disguising ourselves as death cultists to infiltrate the big ritual.
  • Upon being challenged by a Nazi (they were working with the death cult), the response "You're damn right I'm not supposed to be here!*" followed by a punch in the face.
  • A huge fight in the temple as the crystal skull manifested a body as the avatar of their god (or something).
  • The triumphant ripping the skull off the body to stop the ritual, and success!
  • "Fluffy", the dilettante, achieved his heart's desire - a perfect cup of tea. I don't recall the details of how the crystal skull enabled that. Stef, can you fill us in?
Once again, we had a great time.

There are still some flaws with the game, which I expect will be ironed out as playtesting and revision continues. The thing that struck us most strongly this time is that it is really too easy. Even the toughest hazards were able to be beaten if you make an effort to use all the resources at your disposal (and this will be even more true playing the game a second time, and knowing what sort of descriptors you can choose for maximum effectiveness). This also meant that our final scene, although epic and funny, did seem a little anticlimactic - I don't think anyone had used more than half their rolled dice before we beat the hazard.

* Or words to that effect, anyhow.

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