31 May 2007

A Game of Bones by David Donachie

Another episode in the Ludlow privateersmen mysteries.

This novel is less concerned with the mystery side of the series, and more on the naval action. Returning to England after some time in the Americas, they are just in time for the Spithead and Nore mutinies. Harry gets involved with these and ends up investigating the possibility of Jacobin provocateurs amongst the sailors.

However, the main part of the story is a duel with a French privateer that he came across on the way home. There's a lot of good action in the engagements.

There's some good character stuff too, mainly focused on Harry recovering from the events of the previous novel. As always, Donachie's dialog is good and often hilarious (especially when James Ludlow, a rather sarcastic fellow, decides to deflate someone he dislikes).

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