13 November 2007

Hero's Banner: Freedom for Uran!

We kicked off our second generation last night. The characters were generally lower powered - a bastard son of one previous character, the other two not even blood relations of their heroes.

The game began slower. This was partly because the characters' scope of action was smaller, and partly because it took me a little while as GM to begin hammering on the influences.

That said, about halfway in it took off and we got some great play out of the game this time too. We had armies raised and a the capital of Uran was burnt to the ground by anti-Tuceascan rebels (the kingdom remained occupied after the previous game).

The epilogues were interesting too. We had one character run off with his lover to an idyllic life as a woodsman. Another chose to look after his two (now blind) adopted daughters as a beggar (he was also blind by this point). And the third character, twisted by the things that had happened to him, decided to reject a happy ending and take up the reins of the spy network his hero had set up (after killing that hero).

I am having more fun with this game than anything I have played for a long while.


Jason Pollock said...

I am really enjoying it too. I enjoy how you work towards a goal, and that the goal can change between scenes. I enjoy the time limit on the hero, and the epic nature of the lives.

Tim C Koppang said...

Hi guys! One random Google search and I stumble upon a couple of awesome Hero's Banner AP reports.

I'm so glad that your two sessions went so well. It sounds as if the politics were in full swing. Aside from the rough start, did you find that the second session was any more powerful knowing what you did about the previous generation?

If you ever have any questions about the game or need any advice, feel free to drop me an email. Otherwise, happy gaming.

The Gamester At Large said...

The second session definitely went smoother. It was also more powerful - less over the top in many ways, but with a bit more going on underneath.

We'll almost certainly return to this later in the year, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.