24 December 2007

A Prairie Home Companion

I was somewhat surprised by how much I enjoyed this Robert Altman film. It's about the very last show of a Grand Old Opry style radio evening. It pretty much just shows you all the people involved and lets them do their thing. In feel, very much like The Big Lebowski (albeit without quite as much darkness as is usual for the Coens).


Jason Pollock said...

Prairie Home Companion is a weekly radio show on NPR in the US. Radio NZ carries it too, but I'm not sure when it plays.

It's pretty much like the movie, except it's the front of the show, instead of "behind the scenes" like the movie.

The central character in the movie is the main announcer on the show. You can really tell that he's "got a face made for radio." :)

The Gamester At Large said...

Ah, that makes sense.

Sphenodon said...

Weirdly I watched it last night too :) and loved, but I'm addict for the radio show too (it's available as a podcast, google American public radio and prairie home companion).
Loved it, really caught the vibe of the radio and loved the meandering feel of it all.