10 February 2008

Black Unicorn by Tanith Lee

I read this due to the things Vincent Baker said about Lee inspiring much of In A Wicked Age. This isn't one of the specific ones he mentioned, but it was what the library had.

It's fun. Light, funny fantasy about the daughter of a sorceress who inadvertently resurrects a unicorn in her room and the events that follow. It's reminiscent of Jack Vance (especially the Lyonesse books), but without the bizarre vocabulary and with generally more gentle events.


Luke said...

Which ones did he mention, as a matter of interest?

I am personally a big fan of Night Master, Death Master, Dream Master, and Dream Mistress

The Gamester At Large said...

Those ones.

Luke said...

Cool. From my limited knowledge of her other works, these are quite a bit different.

As an aside, they were also the number one inspiration behind Exalted, which is why I read them :)

If you want to borrow any of them (there is also a 5th one I have but can't remeber the name, let me know). You may be able to find them in Bizzy Bees, but Night and Death Master are pretty tough to find IIRC