20 December 2005

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Session Three

Here's the summary of session three.

Main win: they didn't kill any innocent people.
Main system note: Luke's simplified critical rules worked just fine.

What happened was that our heroes had been behaving rather suspiciously, so were being watched by some evil chaos cultists. After seeing them murder that guy in an alley, the cultists decided that our heroes were potential recruits rather than a danger. So they ask them to join. Thomas and Orzad head off with the guy to the temple of Khorne the Blood God and just as the high priest gets ready to magically oathbind them into Khorne's service, they run for it.

Larelin (sp?) had been shadowing them and was waiting outside. Thomas made it out the door before being attacked and Larelin started shooting at the cultists leaving the building. Orzad was caught in the middle and used his Entertain: Clowning to caper around some of the bad guys. Thomas was unfortunately brutally almost killed (fate point spent to save him). The other two managed to prevail by the skin of their teeth, killing almost all the cultists (some ran off).

They then went back to the Cosmopolitan club and told Rudiger of their discovery. He brought in some uninjured muscle to finish the cultists off. The sorcerors, however, were gone. On the up side, they had sumomned some blood demons to meet the witch hunters. The demons were slain and the building burnt to the ground.

Our heroes then went back to their original task, being told that this group wasn't the main one. They worked out that Ivan, one of the membership committee, was a chaos agent and found some incriminating evidence at his lodgings. Now they just need to work out what to do about it...

Oh, and find Ulric. His player was away, so I decided he had scarpered. We'll find out what has happened to him next time.

Lots of fun, overall.


Luke said...


Unfortunately my WFRP game has been put on hiatus. I am Luke's lack of WFRP envy :(

MadMacca said...

Orzad will try and get the innocent person bodycount up next time!! ;-) ;-)