06 December 2005

More Warhammer Actual Play

I am planning to put an actual play post up for each game session in future. Partly to explore things that happened, partly to keep track of events. Last night we played another session of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

The session began with Rudiger the witch hunter telling our heroes to infiltrate the Middenheim Cosmopolitan Club, a front for a chaos cult (apparently). Our heroes elected to simply wander up and try to join. We played out some scenes where the membership commitee (played by three of them) interviewed the character of the fourth. This was a lot of fun and led to just two of them being accepted into the club.

They spent the evening trying to discover clues, with some small success.
  • Orzad the dwarf discovered that his missing brother had been a member of the club and was now a member of the youth gang "the Krapz".
  • Thomas the halfling attempted to gain the trust of a group of intellectuals and was hampered by his illiteracy and total lack of formal education. He ended the evening by almost being mugged.
  • Ulric found a friendly clique of persons with alternative personal lifestyle choices.
  • Larelorn (or whatever) the elf spent the evening with a lady from Tilea who joined the club because she likes elves.
The next day, Thomas and Ulric got thrown out of the club (they were the ones who failed to get membership) and the group realised that they had made little real progress in discovering the chaos cult. To remedy this, they assaulted a Estalian poet (one of the bohemian intellectuals) in a nearby alley. He turned out to be a decent swordsman rather than a weedy pushover and... well, things arise.

Sessions: 2. Innocent people killed: 2. Chaos cultists apprehended: 1.

I'll keep that score going, I think.

Overall, we had great fun. Still need to do something about the critical system, though.


Luke said...

Did you try just using the number of wounds under 0 as the level of critical? It seems to me this should fix the issue:

1. Roll to attack e.g. 45.
2. If hit, roll damage e.g. 6 wounds.
3. If wounds under 0, flip attack roll for location (54) and cross- ref the number of wounds under 0 for the critical.

If its the tables that bothering you try using the idea the above idea with the idea in the book and have any hit reducing an opponent 6 wounds under 0 as death (any hit reducing an opponent to 1 to 5 wounds under zero scores an IP).

The Gamester At Large said...

No, I had forgotten the details of your suggestion. Thanks for rehashing _ I'll make a point of actually taking them to the game next time.

Last night I just handwaved it, basically (and that, unsurprisingly, didn't work so well).