19 April 2006

Game Chef review: Decade

Next finalist is Decade by Jessica Hammer.

This game takes place in ten one-hour sessions. Each is a New Years' party in which a group of friends meet each year.

Over the course of each session, the characters are developed and their stories over the decade are told.

There's some interesting ideas in there, like you don't decide your initial character traits - they are given to you by other players when you arrive at the first party.

Players take turns starting scenes, playing cards that define what emotions the scene will involve.

Conflicts are determined via a straight card-bidding system, with the loser getting the cards bid by the winner.

At midnight, the session ends and the players may establish some resolutions - things they hope their character will do over the next year. Again, you bid cards to do this, and the other players may match your bid to add complications.

Some interesting ideas in here, and I think that it should be a lot of fun. I am also not completely sure how the bidding mechanics will work in play, they may need some tweaking after playtesting.
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