18 October 2006

Concrete: Killer Smile by Paul Chadwick

This is the first Concrete collection I was disappointed with. The story is about one of Concrete's friends being kidnapped and ends up being a fairly uninspired rescue story. There are certainly places where Chadwick is writing about the kind of issues that I really enjoy in these comics, but they are neither as profound nor as interesting as in the other collections I've read.

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morgue said...

Yeah, Killer Smile is easily the least of the Concrete tales. Chadwick was trying to do something different for Concrete, but it ended up being too conventional. Characterisation was still a joy, though.

Have you read The Human Dilemma, last year's series? Wonderful.

The Gamester At Large said...

You're right on the characterisation in Killer Smile still being good.

No, I haven't read The Human Dilemma yet. I'm getting the comics slow and steady, rather than in one burst of consumerism.