19 October 2006

Read-through Review of OctaNe by Jared A Sorenson

OctaNe is a game inspired by psychotronic film, with a basic setting of crazy post-apocalytic America.

Mechanically, it's a simpler version of InSpectres (no surprise there). The basic setup is fun, funny and gives you plenty to work with. The character archetypes are awesome. There's a good discussion of different styles of weird films and how to customize the game for them.

There isn't much in the way of GM advice (although really I suspect the game only needs a strange starting point and then the characters will drive it).

Overall, delivers what the cover implies.

The cover, by the way, has a badass mofo driving a hot rod with a lady samurai, monkey and luchador as passengers. Behind them a huge explosion has destroyed their pursuers.

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