26 September 2007

Big Trouble In Little China

Another old favorite rewatched, this film has lost none of it's charm over the years. The jokes, action and even the special effects hold up very well indeed.

This copy also had a commentary track with Carpenter and Russell, which was very funny. They said a fair amount about the film, but it seemed that primarily they were enjoying watching it again and catching up. Russell seemed to spend half the film laughing at whatever just happened, and they even digressed into asking about each others' kids at one point. Despite all this, it was good to listen to, because the amount of fun they had making the film really shines through. Worth a listen for fans, maybe not so much for others.


Luke said...

I found it interesting how much flak the Chinese community gave John Carpenter for that movie.

The Gamester At Large said...

Yeah, he talked a little about that. It seemed like he was pretty much confused, as he had just made a kung fu movie set in America.

Neither better nor worse than other kung fu movies, it certainly didn't seem to imply that the villains (who were all Chinese) were villains because they were Chinese. In fact, most of the heroes were also Chinese. I guess it was just people who wanted to get offended?