01 March 2008

Night's Master by Tanith Lee

So, Luke lent me the actual books that Vincent Baker listed as inspirational to In A Wicked Age.

It's delightfully weird, and I can certainly see how the style informed the game. It's a fun read in it's own right, of course. In some ways it was like one of the classic Conan stories, but without the racism and sexism. Lee's style is also lyrical and whimsical, unlike Howard's very straightforward, punchy stuff.

One of the best fantasy novels I've read recently. I'm looking forward to the other four.

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Luke said...

I was surprised at how much I liked both Night Master and Death Master. Despite being quite unusual in style and structure, I found them to be very engrossing.

IIRC the first two are very similar but the style changes to something a little more usual in the later books.