05 March 2005

Film Review: Bubba Ho-tep

Well, after some years of wanting to see it, I finally got around to watching Bubba Ho-tep tonight.

It was really good.

I had wanted to watch it purely on the grounds that it features Elvis fighting an evil mummy, and was fully satisfied in that area.

However, the film actually did a lot more than just being a shlocky B-movie (which I pretty much expected, even though other people had told me to expect more). They did some neat stuff with the myths of Elvis and JFK in there. And Elvis and Jack are both convincing old, mad guys trying to save their rest home from supernatural evil. And it's always possible that they're not mad, and they really are Elvis and JFK. I mean, both their stories are pretty far fetched, but in the world of the movie ancient mummies can suck people's souls out through a very uncomfortable place - who knows what else might be going on?

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