27 March 2005

Game Design Update

Well, I have written up enough of my game to run the first playtest with my regular group tomorrow. It's now past the fun ideas stage and getting into the hard work stage. Too bad, but that's the way things go.

My biggest trouble seems to be writing examples. There aren't many in the draft yet - it's basically a skeleton with the rules in there and most of the science fiction setting that the first playtest will be. But the examples... getting a balance between fun, the details you need examples of and making those bits as clear as possible. Very difficult. It increases my respect of pretty much all game writers, but anyone who makes great examples - my respect for you knows no bounds at the moment.

For anyone reading who is on the list to playtest, I'm going to revise after the first playtest session and should have a draft for other people to try in a few weeks. After that I'll revise again for a more public playtest draft.

Oh yeah, as an update on the name, my current favorite is The Devil & the Deep which I think conveys a nautical flavour, sounds kind of neat and kind of hints at bad stuff and doesn't tie it to any particular setting. Comments welcome (even if you just think it sucks).

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