19 March 2005

Review: The new Battlestar Galactica, series one.

This isn't going to be a really detailed review. I'll need to wait until I've watched the whole thing through again for that. Also, it deserves detailed review done episode by episode.

So here's the short review: it's absolutely awesome. Best SF show since... well, since Firefly. Sure, that's not really very long. But if you ignore Firefly, then it's probably the best ever.

Things that I liked: Really good special effects. Great space battles. Brilliant actors in all the main parts. The scene where Starbuck reveals her dark secret to Adama and you think "Balls, he's going to forgive her and maybe hug" and instead he says "You'd better walk out of my office while you still can". It's not scared to be dark, in some cases terrifyingly dark. Also has some great comedy moments here and there (especially Baltar's increasingly bizarre conversations with his imaginary cylon lover). The cylon biotech. How certain characters cope with the gradual realization that they are a cylon spy and not actually human at all.

Things that I didn't like: The most cruel cliff-hanger ending to a series that I can remember. A bit too much philosophizing from some of the cylons. The iconic scientific, rationalist, materialist character is a bad guy.

Yeah, that's it. Not much I didn't like. Watch it. Me, I'm going to get the miniseries again and watch the whole lot through to tide me over until I can see series two.


hix said...

Yeah, I'm watching it as it comes out here, so that Starbuck/Adama scene screened last night. Six. Minutes. Of Gripping TV.

I'm loving how every major character has a secret or a conflict they have to deal with.

The Gamester At Large said...

Yeah, the characters & conflicts are really well done. I suspect, too, that most of the main characters have several big ones, not just the one.

Certainly Tai, Adama, Baltar and Roslyn have more than one big issue.

Look forward to more stuff coming out for the main people.

Damn, the more I think about it the more I want to rewatch them all right now.

hix said...

We also get some interesting commentary on the blog of BSG showrunner, Ron Moore.
[url=http://blog.scifi.com/battlestar/]It's here.[/url]

hix said...

Ah, crap. So those tags didn't work.

The Gamester At Large said...

It's a good link, though. Thanks.

MadMacca said...

I'm with you on Battlestar, it rocks my little sci-fi world umpteen different ways.