23 January 2006

Badass Space Marines: Actual Play thread at The Forge

I have started an actual play thread about the con games here. Please comment if you were there.


IMAGinES said...

Hi, Mike,

I came to your site via that AP thread. How close are you to compiling your thinking into an actual game document? Based on that thread I'd really love to get my mitts on it. (I'd also love to give it a whirl, but I have no idea when that might be.)

The Gamester At Large said...

I'm planning on finishing up a playtest draft over the next week and putting a call out for people to testdrive it then.

Watch here and/or the forge connections forum for an announcement about it.

Dillon said...


Sounds like a great concept. Fuel reminds me of the 'cauldron born' bad guys from some fantasy novel I can not remember the name off, but when you killed one the rest of the cauldron born from that vat got stronger and meaner.

I have often run what I call 'dirty dozen' games at Cons - inspired by the movies, where the team had 13 characters to last through the mission. A good game was one where one or two escaped at the end with the big explosion going off behind them. Your game sounds like a great way of doing that.