24 January 2006

The Darwins ready to attend the Jubilee party


Here are me and Make Tea Not War in our fancy dress as Charles and Emma Darwin for the Kapcon XV live game.

There's no content to this post, I just liked the way this photo turned out.

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Jenni said...

That's a fantastic photo!

I have a couple of you two looking much less serious if you want copies? (Some extra people, such as the Lieutenant are also in them)

Make Tea Not War said...

Yes please, if its not too much trouble and if you have them electronically do send them along to Mike/me. I expect the Lieutenant might like to see them too and I can forward them onto him.

Nigel Patel said...

Great pics. Were the period clothes tough going, as it's summer down there?

Make Tea Not War said...

It wasn't too bad. It's getting chillier in the evenings now.