30 January 2006

Thumbnail reviews of three films

Ghost Dog: I spent ages tracking down a copy of this and then wasn't in the mood to watch it for a month. Finally did on Saturday and it was just as amazing as I remembered. Such a wonderfully constructed film - the quotes about the Way of the Samurai, Ghost Dog & Raymonds amazing friendship despite not sharing a language, the bear motif (notice Pearline's pajamas in the last shot!), the crazy hasbeen mafia guys, the music, the way Forest Whitaker is so absolutely cool. Definitely in my top five films ever, possibly number one.

Kung Fu Hustle: Funny, ludicrous kung-fu film. Nice Leone and Tarantino moments add some extra bizarreness. Got to be the number two weirdest kung fu film I have ever seen (it turns out the writer, Stephen Chow, co-wrote my number one weirdest - Forbidden City Cop - as well).

Lords of Dogtown: Okay biopic about Stacy Peralta, Tony Alva, Jay Adams and the rest of the legendary Dogtown skaters. Made by Peralta, you get the feeling that he's building up his own idea of the legend. Vastly inferior to his documentary about the same topic, Dogtown and Z-boys.
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