19 February 2006

Some Comics

Spaghetti Western by Scott Morse. Great art, weird ideas. Cool.

Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits by Garth Ennis et al. Read because I recently saw it recommended in the Sorcerer inspirations list. Great stuff. Really emotionally moving (and not just horror and gross out, as I found with Azzarello's take on Hellblazer) story about Constantine finding out he has terminal lung cancer. Of course, he uses magic, trickery and bullshitting to survive it in the end, but the journey there is intense.

David Boring by Daniel Clowes. After finishing this I thought it was weird and kinda disturbing and made little sense. The more I thought about it I realised it was actually extremely disturbing and unpleasant and still didn't make much sense. Unlike Ghost World, the characters are neither interesting nor sympathetic. Avoid.
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