28 February 2006

Sorcerer Character Generation Session

Last night we did the character generation session for Sorcerer. It went well.

The instructions in the book make for great character advice. We threw some good concepts out. Discussion developed them to be cooler. We got some great connections going, such as a common ancestor of two of the characters who led to several nice bits in each of them.

Demon creation was interesting. One of the players in the one-shot went very cautious here, with a demon that is low powered, low danger. We've also got a balls-to-the-wall demon hunter with a powerful parasite demon. Another guy is a fairly straight naive coven member with a passing demon hellhound.

Probably the coolest character concept is the psychologist - his demon is a possessor, accidentally bound during therapy for her 'madness'. Interesting stuff, especially as his kicker includes finding a big pile of dangerous magical stuff in the attic.

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