23 February 2006

The Sorcerer's Soul and Sex And Sorcery by Ron Edwards

A few new games in the mail, and now some reviews of them. These two are easy. If you are playing Sorcerer then get them. And get Sorcerer and Sword, too.

Now, if you just have Sorcerer, there's plenty there to play. However, all three supplements are packed with great advice on running the game (probably, to be honest, any game, really). They cover a lot of ground and there's probably a lot in them that will not appeal to any specific person. But the stuff that does apply? That stuff is all golden.

The Sorcerer's Soul deals primarily with Humanity in the game and how to use it, vary it and so on. It also has a bunch of stuff to spice up your demons, rules for angels if you want them, and how to build relationship maps to run grabby games.

Sex And Sorcery deals with issues of sex and gender in games. He has advice on how to deal with sex in a game, talks about female and male story styles, and then has two stories and a game setting to illustrate the ideas.

I suspect that anybody who runs games would get something they could use to lift their play out of these.
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