15 March 2006

Coyote Frontier by Allen Steele

This is the third of Allen Steele's Coyote novels. They chart the settlement and early years of the first interstellar colony. Steele uses this backdrop as a place to comment on various present day political trends and shows a little bit of utopianism as well.

This third novel is the one I enjoyed the most. This story involves the colony being contacted by a new Earth faction than in the last two books, and the resulting repercussions. These are accentuated by the new ship bringing a stargate with them, so that Earth is now about a day from Coyote, instead of 50 years.

All three novels suffer a bit from a disjointed style. They are really a series of linked short stories more than a novel, and the jumping from character to character and place to place and time to time was a bit annoying.

In everything else, it's a good science fiction novel. Recommended.
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