25 March 2006

Game chef review: Our Guardian Devils by Jason Petrasko

Next review was Our Guardian Devils by Jason Petrasko.

Man, what a game to read with a bad head cold, after taking really strong cold drugs, in a hot bath. It would be pretty trippy normally, but that just made it even more so.

Anyhow, in this one the GM-role-ish represents the ancient dark evil and the players all play some emotions. Everyone's interest is centered on some 'devils' - one person who transcended despair and the people they magically dragged with them as minions. Kind of. They have the job of protecting the dreamers of the world from the evil force.

The players get to control game characters when the character is motivated by your emotion. So you need to build this up to get things done, i.e. save the world by saving the dreamers.

The system is constantly tempting everyone to take risks in order to save the dreamers. It looks like it could get brutal as you get into the tough stuff.

The game gets played in three sessions, each with a different focus. It looks like it will effectively drive the story to great things.

Very cool game, worth checking out if any of that sounds intriguing. It will probably improve noticably after playtest and revision, there are still a few rough edges here and there.
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