02 April 2007

Fade is complete

Game Chef 2007 ends in a couple of hours, and I have finished my entry:

As the Palace fleet approaches the new star, something that hasn't happened in hundreds of years, the fragile alliances and agreements between the Palaces are increasingly coming under strain.

You are a citizen of one of the Palaces, one that's currently at war.

And you're not just any citizen.

Your friends and neighbors don't know it, but you are a spook.

You are an elite agent trained to use drugs to destroy and create memories. This is how wars are fought in the Palace fleet.

The front lines of the war are memories, and enemy spooks will remodel yours if you let your guard down.

In a society without violence, power is the ability to change your enemy's mind.

You can grab a copy to read or even playtest here.

As a contestant, I will be peer-reviewing several of the other contestants games over the next few weeks. I'll post about them here.


Luke said...

Looks awesome from my quick review. I hope you do well.

The Gamester At Large said...

Thanks, Luke.

I feel like this is a really strong game. Obviously, I need to finish it properly now.

Matt Orr said...

Mike - looks like an interesting game - would be interested to hear more about the game play in future posts. Good luck!