11 April 2007


Levi Kornelson has written this introductory roleplaying game Microcosm to be distributed by blog meme. There is a quiz at What roleplaying genre would you be great at? which suggests how to play it for maximum enjoyment, too.

From a quick read through, it looks like a nice system for creating solid situations that the whole group wants to play. The mechanics come down to 'pay for what you want to happen' using a store of tokens, and giving tokens from the store to people when they do cool stuff to replenish the store. I am considering using it for a one-shot game night I have coming up, with a couple of people who are fairly new to roleplaying games.

Here is my quiz result:

You scored as Comedy. You know funny, and you know how a joke unfolds while it’s being told. Put that along with a willingness to crack wise, and the ability to stay on course even while you’re doing it, and you’ve got a few of the central skills that a player needs to excel at comedy-based roleplaying.

If you’d like to put these skills to use right away, you can click and download Microcosm. It’s a free, introductory roleplaying game. If you decide to go for it, remember the awards on the left; those are ones your group may want to use.











What roleplaying genre would you be great at?
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hix said...

Weird. I'd been considering Microcosm for the exact same game!

But also InSpectres. And anything else that doesn't require any prep + appeals to the interests of everyone at the table.

The Gamester At Large said...

I guess that is a pretty solid vote in favour, then. Seems like it has the group input stuff that works so well in Prime Time Adventures, but more useful as a one-shot (i.e. you won't run the risk of feeling like you missed out on the rest of the season).

In planning this, I also figured that Full Light, Full Steam or octaNe could be good options.