31 August 2007

SSX: Blur

After reviewing Resident Evil, I guess I'd better shout out for the other games I have for Wii.

SSX:Blur is the current one I'm playing most, a skiing/snowboarding game that is mainly about winning races and doing the craziest tricks. It's fun for the general just cruising down the slopes part of the game, and the races are fun too. It's been criticized for overly complex controls, and this is a fair call - the special ubertricks are really hard to pull off. But the basic controls are fine.

The game is pretty much all about doing things to unlock more stuff - pretty much every aspect of the game has extras that you only get after completing races etc.

Fun, but not fantastic (I didn't buy it full price, but picked it up when it was on sale after renting it to try out).

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