15 March 2010

Fiasco: Actual Play (Prog Metal Hell)

We played Fiasco tonight, using the "Rock band on tour" playset. It was awesome, with our three characters - the guitarist, bass player and drummer - all in the shadow of the singer/songwriter. Things almost instantly went off the rails (mainly due to the 'minimally trained grizzly bear'). The tilt let latent hatreds out and everything kept getting worse. Ultimately we were all left destroyed.

Game play pretty much delivered as promised. We finished quick with just three - I'd definitely suggest adding a few extra dice to keep the scenes going longer if you have three. Some of the scene setup and resolution was a little sketchy, as we got used to the way the game goes. This was very temporary, and by the end we were scooting along just fine.

Definitely up to play again, several times.


Sphenodon said...

I missed prog-metal gameplay?!
Damn you!

Unknown said...

Haha, that's what you get for moving to the other side of the world.

Karen said...

So 3 definitely works then!

Unknown said...

Yes, three was fine. You might want to consider adding more dice (i.e. more scenes) if you tend to move quickly, is all. Probably best to try as written first to see how it goes.