17 December 2011

Monster of the Week: campaign update

Monster of the Week campaign at IndieGoGo.

I’ve got the next draft of the game done, and it has been sent off for editing. I’m in the process of updating the playtest files to match the changes, so funders and other playtesters can expect to see that in the next few days.

We’re only $143 off the first bonus goal, and $393 off the second, so please spread the word!

I’m particularly excited about the custom dice now – I’ve been exchanging emails with Chessex about them. They’re amazingly helpful and friendly, and have made up two prototypes for me. I really want to get to the $1500 level so that I can get these made up for you all.

Here’s a picture of one of the prototype dice, so you can see why I’m excited.

10 December 2011

Monster of the Week campaign update

Monster of the Week campaign: going very well at over $1000.

Next stop, the Summoned hunter playbook and then custom monster dice. 

There's an update on the campaign page with the image I plan to use on the dice: Monster of the Week on IndieGoGo.