16 June 2011

Kindle Update

Okay, so it's six months down the track - how is the Kindle now you ask? Fantastic. It's now got to the point that I actively avoid paper type books.

It's small enough to carry almost everywhere, the battery is essentially unlimited (I have had it run out of power once, mainly because I forgot to charge it for about a month). It has effectively unlimited capacity (I think mine has around 200 books in it at the moment, using ~10% of its memory). It's pleasant to read and has boosted my reading speed a bit (I'm not sure why, though).

Downsides: it's no good for stuff you need to flip through (gaming pdfs, reference books, that sort of thing), and on the paperback sized model you might as well just not bother with pdfs (my phone is better).

If you are sitting on the fence, I heartily recommend getting one.

Here's Some Good Books I Read Recently

The First Law trilogy by Joe Abercrombie. Gritty, fun fantasy that makes a point of putting a big (or little) twist on each fantasy cliche in it. Grim but entertaining, maybe halfway between A Song of Ice and Fire and The Black Company stories? Logen Ninefingers (or "The Bloody Nine") is my favorite character in fiction for some time, a terrifying barbarian champion who is getting into middle age and just over all the fighting and nonsense. He's great.

And I finally read George R R Martin's Song of Ice and Fire books, too. Spurred on by the TV show, I suppose, although after the books I didn't feel quite so keen on watching it (possibly because so much stuff had to be cut). In any case, good but with some flaws. He's way to keen on adding point of view characters, something I'm not keen on in general. The sex and violence also grows tiresome. It's all so... sordid. And written just a little bit too larger than life to be believable.

Moving away from fantasy novels, I also really enjoyed James Gleick's The Information. It's a bit of a whirlwind tour of information theory and the way information has become more important through history. Lots of great stuff, although I felt it tailed off a little abruptly when he got to the present day.

Walter Jon Williams has a sequel to This Is Not A Game, called Deep State. It is better than the first one, and the first one was great. I recommend the pair of them to everyone interested in science fiction, gaming's growing intersection with the rest of life, and technothrillers.

11 June 2011

My Games Site

Site is now back at the expected address, genericgames.co.nz.

Monster of the Week on Twitter

I just set up an account for sharing news and info as I gear up to into open beta testing. Go follow @MotW_rpg if you want to stay up to date about what I'm doing.

There's a button to mash on the righthand sidebar, too.